Mapping Agile Toolset

The secret behind the popularity Agile practices over last few years is the emergence of supporting tools, and although the original set of tools are as old as the practices themselves – tools that are now available are very developer (and in some cases end user) friendly, and getting better – most of these are open source but equally in the commercial space.

Some time ago, I was looking for a diagram to understand where each of the tool maps with the development processes, but could not find any, so I thought I’ll create one myself – and it is finally here –


Hope you will find this useful as well, I will cover some of these tools in more details in future posts. The diagram is no means complete, and I am sure there are loads of tools which aren’t on here. I have only added the tools that I have actually used, evaluated or read in detail about while looking for an alternative. Please feel free to make your suggestions using comments below and I’ll update the diagram as and when I can.

You can use the diagram elsewhere if you need to as long as you leave the reference to this site at the bottom.

Names of the individual tools are copyright of their respective owners.