Here you will find links to useful books on all things Agile – starting from Planning to Testing and Continuos Delivery. I also plan to add free templates and charts that you may download and use, so watch this space.

Books are categorised based on role, if you have any more suggestions, please email them to me with you reviews –

One of the XP Series book, gives good understanding of some of the basic Agile planning ideas as well as advanced topics such as contracts, scheduling bugs etc – Short and enjoyable to read – who said technical books can’t be fun :)

Another excellent book on Agile planning and covers number of concepts such as release planning, estimation methods in detail. Also covers tracking and progress reporting aspects in detail

One from Mike Cohn’s series, this book is for you if you are being using Agile processes for some time, cover wide range of topics and specifically addresses issues around process scaling & distributed teams A good about often overlooked but important topic of retrospective meetings

Agile PMs increasingly see their role changing from ‘managing’ to a facilitation one & hence best to equip yourself to become a coach, this books is both about practical and softer aspects of undergoing such change Haven’t managed to read this one yet, but similar to Agile Coaching, this addresses some of the questions a PM would have undergoing transition to Agile

Another XP Series book, easy to read and a good starting point to get perspective of how most of the Agile ideas came up and were used even before the term Agile was coined – as with the other books in this series quite entertaining to read Martin Fowler has an excellent series of books covering the engineering practices in detail – this one is about CI and covers automation of build, testing and deployment as highlighted in my blog earlier, I consider this as key criteria for succeeding with Agile

A must have book on refactoring for an agile developer A good book about agile testing and how to fit in testing in short sprints